Asset Importer

Asset Importer is the UI frontend that utilizes extension omni.kit.asset_converter to convert other formats into USD. It mainly supports OBJ, FBX, and glTF formats currently.

Importing Assets in Omniverse USD Composer (Video)

This video shows how to use the Import and Convert Feature.


Create has been renamed to USD Composer.

Importing files

Importing assets is done by right clicking in the Content Browser and selecting Import and Convert. Accepted File Formats for conversion are FBX, OBJ and GLTF.


Selecting a file will trigger a dialogue giving options on the import function.





Checked will import materials and textures if available.


Checked will import materials as UsdPreviewSurface instead of MDL.
“Import Materials” must be checked for this option to work.


Checked will import cameras if present in the asset.


Checked will import lights if present in the asset. This only applies
to FBX import currently.

Smooth Normals

Assigns/Reassigns Smoothing Groups

Meter as World Unit

Checked will import the asset with 1 meter per world unit.
By default, it will import the asset with 1 centimeter per world unit.

Create /World

Checked will import asset with the root prim as path “/World”.

Merge Static Meshes

Checked will merge all static meshes if possible as a single one.

Convert to

The target folder of outputs.