Cloud XR User Manual

Enabling the Extensions

Omniverse Cloud XR is a set of Extensions and they must be enabled within your KIT based App (Omniverse USD Composer, Omniverse USD Presenter, Etc.) for this feature to work.


Some tools like Omniverse USD Composer will have the extension installed and enabled by default.

To enable the extensions simply navigate to Window > Extensions then search for and enable

  • Cloud XR Base Extension: Cloud XR core extension

  • Cloud AR Tablet: Phone/Tablet AR Connection Support.


Enabling Cloud XR Rendering in Viewport

  • Launch Omniverse USD Presenter, and load your desired scene

  • Click Rendering -> Tablet AR in the menu

  • Ensure that Selected Output Plugin is set to CloudXR and then tick Enable Tablet AR (see first 2 settings below)

    • This will launch the app with the Tablet AR Extensions preconfigured and activated.

Kit Tablet AR Settings

Kit Tablet AR settings are typically found on the bottom right panel if NVIDIA Omniverse™ Kit is running the Kit AR Tablet extension.




Enable Tablet AR

Turns On Cloud XR Broadcasting when Enabled. Stops Broadcasting when Disabled.

Selected Output Plug-in

Cloud XR: NVIDIA Omniverse AR Output for iPad/Android Devices Simulated XR: Optional General Purpose Output Steam VR: Output for Steam AR/VR devices.

IP Address

Displays all valid available network addresses of the host. This can be useful for client connection information, however the selection affects no changes.

Mirror Display Mode

Choose which “Eye” to view through when displaying VR in viewport. Left: Views only the left eye. Right: View only the right eye. Both: Displays both eyes (stereoscopic).

Mirror Resizing Options

Chooses how to crop or constrain your vr display in the viewport. Crop: Crops the view to fit the viewport aspect ratio. Letterbox: Frames the viewport maintaining the aspect ratio of the devices screen. Stretch: Stretches the output to fit the viewport aspect ratio.

Relative Size of XR Buffer

Scaling Factor Override

Sets the relative scale of the scene being sent to the device.

Predefined Scaling Factors

Choose between standard units.

Apply Scaling Override

Enables/Disables the scale override factor.

Floor Aligned Movement

Bases movements off the floor plane found in the AR device.

Move Camera When Moving in XR

Allows the camera to be moved by XR Input from the device.

Disable Fast-Cache

Disables Fast Cache Operations for camera movements (recommended). Uncheck to enable fast cache.

Force Cloud XR Driver Origin

Simulated Mode is Stereo

Simulated Mode Framerate Cap

Render Settings for AR Mode

In order for the augmented reality (AR) mode to function correctly with the remote device’s camera, the following graphics options need to be set correctly.

  • In Render Settings -> Post Processing:

    • XR Compositing: must be checked ON