Attributes Brush

The Attributes Brush allows users to paint Attributes and Primvars of selected meshes.

Using the Attributes Brush

Once the Attributes Brush has been selected from the Paint Library it can be used to paint any Float, Float2, Float3 or Float4 Attribute or Primvar.


Meshes need to be selected in the viewport in order to paint on them!






The radius of the brush in centimeters.


The strength of the brush.

Stamp Interval

Used when dragging the brush, controls the distance between each stamp.

Attribute Name

The name of the Attribute to paint. Prefixes (e.g. primvars:) need to be included.


The color of the brush. The number of values depends on the selected attribute.

Blend Mode

The blend mode to paint with.

Brush Falloff

Allows selection of several pre-configured falloff types.


Check this to clamp attribute values between 0 and 1.


Erase Mode behaves the same as the Subtract Blend Mode.

Visualization in the Viewport

Currently there is no built in way to visualize the result of your painted attribute in the viewport. In the case of primvars:displayColor it will be rendered by the default material - in all other cases the user needs to manually create a material that consumes the painted attribute to visualize it.


Follow this tutorial to learn how to use the Attributes Brush to drive parameters of a MDL Material