Python Scripting Component - Getting Started

Enable the Extension

Enable the extension to start using Python Scripting Components with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Window > Extensions

  2. In the search bar enter “Python Scripting Component”

  3. Locate the Python Scripting Component extension and select it.

  4. Select the Enabled toggle to enable the extension.

  5. Select the AUTOLOAD Check Box to load the extension automatically on application start, if desired.


Now the extension should be enabled.

Install a Code Editor for Python

You can use any code editor for Python. Ensure your operating system has associated .py files to the editor.


If you are not sure which code editor to use, you can start using Visual Studio Code and enable the Python extension from Microsoft within the Editor. Visual Studio Code: This is supported on both Windows and Linux systems. This leverages the full Python environment setup with auto code completion for a broad range of Omniverse Kit SDK APIs.