Particle Editor


The Particles Editor allows you to create particle systems by creating a graph of nodes.

Getting started

To open the Particles Editor. Go to Window -> Particles and click Editor.


If you have a Particle System made you can Right click the Stage -> OmniGraph -> ParticleSystem and select Open Graph in the menu.


The Particles Editor will appear in the same frame as the Content window in a Tab.


Editor UI


Create Edit Graph


Create Particle Graph (plus) button allows you to create a new Particle System Graph.

Edit Particle Graph (pencil) button allows you to edit an existing Particle System Graph.


to edit a particle system using the pencil button you must have the particle system selected in the Stage.

Node State Control


The Node State Control buttons allow you to expose more connections in nodes.

..note :: If you have no nodes selected the Node State Control will affect all nodes.

Node State Control



Expand node(s) to their maximum level.


Expand node(s) to the preferred level.
Default level when node is drag dropped from the node menu.


Minimize node(s).


Close node(s).

View Menu

The View menu allows you to automatically frame or layout your node graph.


View Menu


Layout Nodes

Automatically arranges all nodes in the node graph.

Frame All

Focuses selected nodes to the Graph Window frame.
If no nodes are selected, focus applies to all nodes.

Node List


The Node List has all of the node options available to the particle editor.

You can Left click drag and drop nodes from the node menu into the Particles Editor Node window.

Graph Selector


The Graph Selector button allows you to select any particle system you have created in your stage to edit.

Particles Editor Open Options


Upon opening the Particles Editor, a pair of options will appear.

From here you can edit or open a particle system using the buttons provided.

Particles Editor


The Particles Editor is the surface where you’ll add and connect nodes to create a particle system.

Particles Editor Navigation


Editor Node Window Navigation


Left Click

Select Node.

Left Click Drag Marquis

Select Multiple Node.

Left Click Drag Pin

Connect Nodes: Drag connector from pin to pin.

Left Click select Node

Drag to move Node.

Middle Mouse Hold

Pan Particles Node editor Frame.

Middle Mouse Wheelscroll

Zoom Particles Node Editor Frame.

Right Mouse Pin

Disconnect a selected pin

Adding Nodes


To add a Node, search for a node in the Node List and left click drag the node into the Particles Editor.

Select a Node

Editor Node Window Navigation


Left Click

Select Node.

Left Click Drag Marquis

Select Multiple Node.

Left Click Hold Node

Drag to move Node.
If multiple nodes are selected, all nodes will move

Connecting and Disconnecting Nodes

Node Pin Connectors Navigation


Left Click Drag Pin

Connect Nodes: Drag connector from pin to pin.

Right Click Connected Pin

Disconnect window appears. Select Disconnect to disconnect a connected pin.

Connecting Multiple Nodes to the same pin

Connecting Multiple Nodes


Control Left Click Pin

Allows to connect multiple nodes to a single input pin.

Adding Prims from the Stage

In this example we’ll be adding Sphere_01 prim to the Particles Editor.

1. Go to Stage -> World and Left click select and hold Sphere_01

2. Drag and drop Sphere_01 into the Particle Editor as shown below.


3. A Create Node for Prim window will appear. Left Click on OG prim Node. A sphere_01 prim node will appear in the Particle Editor.



For the Particles Editor you’ll generally use the OG Prim Node option.