Merge Mesh Utility


The Merge Mesh Utility Extension is used to merge multiple prims into a single mesh. Geometry subsets are used when there are multiple materials on the set of meshes being merged.

To access this Extension, go to the top menu bar and click Isaac Utils > Merge Mesh Tool. This extension is enabled by default. If it is ever disabled, it can be re-enabled from the Extension Manager by searching for omni.isaac.merge_mesh.


In order to use the tool all of the meshes being merged must be under a single Xform.

User Interface

Merge Mesh UI

Configuration Options

Under the input section you will see:

  • Source Prim: This text box shows the root prim selected to be merged

  • Submeshes: The number of meshes the selected prim contains

  • Geometry Subsets: The number of subsets the selected prim contains

  • Materials: The number of unique materials used by the selected prim

Under the output section you will see:

  • Destination Prim: The output path for the merged mesh

  • Geometry Subsets: The number of geometry subsets created after merge. Each unique material will generate a subset on the final merged mesh

The options when merging are:

  • Clear Parent Transform: When selected, the merged mesh transform will be at world origin, otherwise it will be the same as the source prim.

  • Override Looks Directory: When selected, provide the Prim for the Looks folder, and it will match-bind the subset materials to the materials in the given folder with the same material name. This is useful for Onshape and Cad imported assets, that contain internal Looks Scopes that are sublayers to the a materials usd layer.

Tutorials & Examples

The following example showcases how to best use this extension: