Product Configurator


A product configurator is a web page or tool that allows users to customize and select various options or features for a specific product, such as a car. It helps users visualize different configurations and make choices according to their preferences.

To scale and support product configurations of all kinds, the USD concept of variant sets and variants was chosen as the main vehicle to serve visual options for assets.

From the Pixar USD docs

A VariantSet is a composition arc that allows a content creator to package a discrete set of alternatives, between which a downstream consumer is able to non-destructively switch, or augment.


To create a configuration, you need to have an asset that contains variants. Think of the variants as the available ingredients to your configurator.

A product configurator is driven by action graph nodes that drive the changing of the visual options and any logic can be incorporated into the graphs.

To introduce users to product configurators, Omniverse is including an example of a data driven product configurator approach.

This video series walks you through the setup of a data driven product configurator.