NVIDIA Omniverse™ provides advanced simulation capabilities for adding true-to-reality physics to scene compositions. The tools are made available through extensions, listed below, and cover a wide range of functionality from basic rigid-body simulation to destruction, fluid-dynamics-based fire simulation, and physics-based scene authoring.

The documentation below focuses on interacting with the Physics extensions through the Omniverse user interface. However, you may access physics components also via the Python API, see the Physics Programming Manual and the source code for the snippets and samples in Window > Simulation > Demo Scenes.



Physics Core

Powered by the NVIDIA PhysX SDK, you can add rigid-body dynamics to building blocks and topple them over; create ragdolls or simulate walking robots using articulations; build complex mechanisms using joints; or pour a jar of gummy bears into your scene using deformable-body simulation.

Zero Gravity

When placing many objects in a natural way in your scene, the Zero Gravity tool can ease this burden. Designed to use physics interactions while editing, you can nudge, slide, bump and push objects into position. Making a shelf full of doodads is as easy as click and drag.

Vehicle Dynamics

With the Vehicle Dynamics extension, you can create vehicle simulations that include tire, engine, clutch, transmission and suspension models.

Blast Destruction

With the Omniverse™ Blast extension, you can blow up objects in your scene. Blast allows authoring destructible content and implements the destruction simulation using the core physics extension.

Boom Collision Audio

With the Omniverse™ Boom extension, you can add material based audio from simulation and custom script events. Boom allows authoring authoring of audio material data and manages sound playback during simulation.

Fluid Dynamics

Add fire and smoke to your scene with Omniverse™ Flow, an Eulerian fluid simulation tool.


With the Particle System extension, you can add OmniGraph-based fire and tornadoes to your scene.

Force Fields

Release your inner Jedi, use forces to throw things, blow them up and make them spin.

OmniPVD - PhysX Visual Debugger

Using the OmniPVD extension you can convert and inspect physics debug data recordings

Clash Detection

Find and inspect clashes between meshes in large stages

Simulation Extensions