What Is OmniGraph?

OmniGraph is the compute engine of Omniverse. It allows the worlds in Omniverse to come alive with behavior. OmniGraph addresses all sorts of computations, from deformers to particles to event-based graphs and more. OmniGraph is not a single type of graph, but a composition of many different types of graph systems under a single framework. In this first release, we are focusing on action graphs, which allow event driven behaviors. Also released is particle graphs, which allow the creation of particle systems. More graph types, such as deformer and other graphs, will be released in time.

OmniGraph Documentation

OmniGraph Tutorials

To help you get started with OmniGraph, we’ve created a handful of hands-on tutorials:


These tutorials contain features from OmniGraph version 2022.1.

OmniGraph Developer Documentation

Interested in learning about OmniGraph development?

Open the OmniGraph developer portal