Core Concepts

OmniGraph is a visual scripting language that provides the ability to implement actions and reactions in an otherwise static Omniverse world. OmniGraph provides a scalable architecture where a description of a set of computations in graph form can perform well on an individual machine and make use of the full power of a multiple-node data center without changing the representation of the graph.


The graph comprises two conceptual pieces - the Authoring Graph and the Execution Graph. The term is often used to refer to one or both of these graphs, though among users and casual developers it most commonly refers the the Authoring Graph.

The graph type, sometimes referred to as the evaluation type, indicates how the graph is to be executed. Examples of graph types include the Action Graph and Push Graph.


The heart of any node graph system is of course, the node. These nodes are specified by their node type, and can contain input, output and state Attributes.


An Attribute has a name and contains some data of a particular type. Attributes can be connected to other attributes on other nodes to form an evaluation network.


If the Node is thought of as the vertex in the Graph, then the Connection are the edges. They are a representation of a directed dependency between two specific Attributes on a Node in the Graph.