Persistent Menus

From the Viewport toolbar, you can access all the Viewport control menus. However, if you move focus away from an open menu by clicking anywhere within the Omniverse App, the menu closes. You can detach an open menu by clicking the top of the menu and dragging it wherever you want it to go:

Numbered steps for opening a persistent menu.

An un-docked menu is persistent and won’t close, even if you move focus to something else. To close a persistent menu, click its “x” icon:

Numbered steps for closing a persistent menu.

You can create persistent menus from any Viewport menu, not just those in the toolbar. For example, you can persist the Create menu or even the Create > Mesh submenu:

Numbered steps for opening a persistent create menu.

There are a few caveats for using persistent menus:

  1. You can’t dock a persistent menu

  2. You can only create one persistent instance of a menu at a time. If you try to un-dock the same menu while a persistent instance is already open, the old instance will be closed.