Livestream Native Client


The livestream native extension allows you to stream any Kit-based application to a native desktop client.

Enabling the Kit Extension

  1. From the menu bar, navigate to Window > Extensions to bring up the extension list.

  2. In the search bar, type Tablet. This should bring up Kit AR Tablet. Click the toggle to disable this extension.

  3. In the search bar again, clear it out, and then type Livestream. This should bring up Livestream Native Backend. Click the toggle to enable it.

Installing the Client

  1. From the Omniverse Launcher, select the Exchange top-level menu, then expand the Apps section from the left-hand sidebar.

  2. Locate the Streaming Client application, and click Install.

  3. Once the application has been installed, click Launch.

  4. The application will prompt you for the IP address or full-qualified domain name of the server to connect to.

  5. Enter the location of the machine to connect to, then click Launch.

Headless Server Mode

If you are using a remote server, you may wish to run livestream automatically on Kit’s startup. In order to do this, you will need to edit a file and add a command line.

  • Find omni.create.kit in your package installation. Standard installation locations:

    • Windows: %LocalAppData%\ov\pkg\ + Release Version + \apps\

    • Linux: ~/.local/share/ov/pkg/ + Release Version + /apps/

  • Look for this line:

    "omni.kit.xr.profile.tabletar" = {}
  • And replace it with these 2 lines:

    #"omni.kit.xr.profile.tabletar" = {}
    "omni.kit.livestream.native" = {}

Finally, when launching omni.create.bat or, you will need to add the following command-line parameter: --no-window.

Current Limitations

  • Please note that this extension cannot be used in conjunction with either the “Tablet AR” or “Web Livestream” streaming extensions.

  • Copy/paste support is not yet available.

  • The Linux client only supports Ubuntu 18.04 currently. This support will be expanded in the future. If you are using another version of Linux, consider using the Web client streaming extensions until then.