Cloud XR Firewall Settings

Firewall Settings (Windows)

Omniverse CloudXR requires bi-directional communication between the Connected Device and your computer. Because of this, firewall settings need to be adjusted.

  • Press the Windows Key and type “Settings”, Click on the Settings icon when it appears in the start menu.

  • Select Network and Internet

  • Select Windows Firewall

  • Select Advanced Settings

  • Select Inbound Rules

  • Locate any disabled Omniverse Kit Rules

  • Right Click on each of the rules and Select Properties

  • Select Allow the Connection

  • Once all rules have been allowed, Select Outbound Rules and repeat the process

If No Inbound Rules Exist

It is unlikely, but may happen that the inbound/outbound rules were not created during install or were deleted. If that is the case, we can add them in ourselves.

  • Click on New Rule > Program > This Program Path

  • Browse to the location of your Omniverse Kit based app installation path.

    (You can find this path in launcher under the settings of any installed app) .. image:: /images/cloud-xr_install-path.png

  • Within that directory, continue to \kit\kit.exe

  • Select Allow the Connection then select Domain , Private and Public

  • Name it Omniverse Kit

  • Click on Finish