USD Material MDL Export


This extension adds a contextual menu item “Export to MDL” to the stage window. It shows when right-clicking a (single) selected material node. When the new menu item is chosen, the user is prompted for a destination MDL filename. The selected USD material is then converted to an MDL material and saved to the selected destination in a new MDL module.

Issues and limitations

  • The USD material needs to be bound to geometry in order to be fully available to the renderer and ready for export.

  • Resources that are exported with the material are not overwritten if files with the name exist already. Instead, new filenames are generated for those resources. This also applies when exporting a USD material to the same MDL file multiple times.

  • Public parameters connected to the Material Prim are not yet exposed in the MDL


Load Extension

Enable the USD Material MDL Export extension from the Extension Manager.



Select the Material Prim and choose Export to MDL from the Context menu


Export the MDL file to local disk or Nucleus. Resources are collected with the MDL and saved alongside the material.



The resulting MDL material can be loaded into kit based apps (like Omniverse USD Presenter, Omniverse USD Composer, Omniverse Machinima, etc) and applied.