No Code UI

The No Code UI Extension Bundle enables you to quickly and interactively build User Interfaces within your Stage. No Code UI is a data-driven UI system that works with OmniGraph, the visual scripting language of Omniverse, to handle UI events.

The No Code UI Menu

To create a UI you use the UI submenu from the App’s main Create menu.

The UI submenu can be found under Create > No-Code-UI Alternatively you can also locate the menu under the Viewport in the right click > create menu, or the right click menu in the Stage.


Example UI

Here is an example of a No Code UI. At the very top level we have a Frame. This is an invisible UI element that contains our all of our UI elements. Think of it as your canvas. We create a 3x3 grid by combining two UI layout elements: A VStack and HStack. The stacks contain various UI elements such as buttons, labels and images.