Animation Graph


Animation Graph is currently in Beta. For more information on pre-release and beta terms, please see the Omniverse License Agreement



The Animation Graph, or “Anim Graph”, is Omniverse’s runtime framework for skeletal animation blending, playback, and control.

Key Features

  • A visual, node-based Animation Graph editor window, which includes:

    • Blend Trees for mixing animations, controlling skeleton joints, and driving behaviors using variables.

    • State Machines to allow users to control when and how to transition animations effectively.

    • Support for nesting Blend Tree(s) within State Machine(s).

  • Instancing support for independent evaluation at runtime. One Animation Graph can be applied to multiple characters and will execute uniquely.

  • Animation-driven movement, also known as “Root Motion”.

  • Controllable via Action Graph or Python API.

  • Compatibility with Omniverse’s Animation Retargeting