Defined in carb/Framework.h

struct PluginRegistrationDesc

Describes the different functions a plugin can define for use by carb::Framework.

Populate this struct and register a plugin with carb::Framework::registerPlugin() for static plugins.

Dynamic plugins are registered via CARB_PLUGIN_IMPL.

Public Members

OnPluginRegisterFn onPluginRegisterFn

This or onPluginRegisterExFn required. Preferred over onPluginRegisterExFn.

OnPluginStartupFn onPluginStartupFn

Can be nullptr.

OnPluginShutdownFn onPluginShutdownFn

Can be nullptr.

GetPluginDepsFn getPluginDepsFn

Can be nullptr.

OnReloadDependencyFn onReloadDependencyFn

Can be nullptr.

OnPluginPreStartupFn onPluginPreStartupFn

Can be nullptr.

OnPluginPostShutdownFn onPluginPostShutdownFn

Can be nullptr.

OnPluginRegisterExFn onPluginRegisterExFn

Can be nullptr.

OnPluginStartupExFn onPluginStartupExFn = nullptr

Can be nullptr. Preferred over onPluginStartupFn.

OnPluginRegisterEx2Fn onPluginRegisterEx2Fn = nullptr

Can be nullptr. Preferred over onPluginRegisterFn and onPluginRegisterExFn.

FourCC const checkValue = {kCarb_FourCC}

These members exists as a version of PluginRegistrationDesc without changing the framework version to simplify adoption. Static plugins that use Framework::registerPlugin() but were compiled with an earlier version of this struct that did not have these members will not produce the required bit pattern, thereby instructing the Framework that the subsequent members are not valid and cannot be read.

size_t const sizeofThis = {sizeof(PluginRegistrationDesc)}

The size of this object in bytes. This is only valid if the checkValue member is set to kCarb_FourCC. If it is not, this member and other following members will not be accessed in order to avoid undefined behavior.

OnPluginQuickShutdownFn onPluginQuickShutdownFn = nullptr

Can be nullptr. Function that will be called for the plugin if carb::quickReleaseFrameworkAndTerminate() is invoked.

Version frameworkVersion = {kFrameworkVersion}

Specifies the framework version required by this plugin.