Defined in omni/structuredlog/JsonTreeSerializer.h

template<bool validate = false, typename JsonSerializerType = JsonSerializer<false, false, ignoreJsonTreeSerializerValidationError>, typename JsonNodeType = JsonNode, typename BlobReaderType = BlobReader<false, ignoreJsonTreeSerializerValidationError>>
static inline bool omni::structuredlog::serializeJsonTree(JsonSerializerType *serial, const JsonNodeType *root, BlobReaderType *reader)

Serialize JSON using a JsonNode as the schema and a binary blob to read data.


This overload uses a BlobReader instead of the binary blob directly, so that the read position from within the blob can be tracked across recursive calls. External code should use the other overload.


If you use this overload, you must call serial->finish(), since this is the recursive overload so there’s no obvious point to finish at.