Defined in carb/Types.h

struct PluginFrameworkDesc

Pass to each plugin’s OnPluginRegisterExFn during load. Allows the plugin to grab global Carbonite state such as the carb::Framework singleton.

Public Members

struct Framework *framework

Owning carb::Framework. Never nullptr.

omni::core::ITypeFactory *omniTypeFactory

omni::core::ITypeFactory singleton. May be nullptr.

omni::log::ILog *omniLog

omni::log::ILog singleton. May be nullptr.

omni::structuredlog::IStructuredLog *omniStructuredLog

omni::structuredlog::IStructuredLog singleton. May be nullptr.

void *Reserved[28]

Reserved space for future fields. If a new field is added, subtract 1 from this array.

The fields above must never be removed though newer implementations of carb.dll may decide to populate them with nullptr.

When a newer plugin is loaded by an older carb.dll, these fields will be nullptr. It is up to the newer plugin (really CARB_PLUGIN_IMPL_WITH_INIT()) to handle this.