Defined in carb/simplegui/SimpleGuiTypes.h

struct TextEditCallbackData

Shared state of InputText(), passed to callback when a ImGuiInputTextFlags_Callback* flag is used and the corresponding callback is triggered.

Public Members

InputTextFlags eventFlag

One of ImGuiInputTextFlags_Callback* - Read-only.

InputTextFlags flags

What user passed to InputText() - Read-only.

void *userData

What user passed to InputText() - Read-only.

uint16_t eventChar

Character input - Read-write (replace character or set to zero)

int eventKey

Key pressed (Up/Down/TAB) - Read-only.

char *buf

Current text buffer - Read-write (pointed data only, can’t replace the actual pointer)

int bufTextLen

Current text length in bytes - Read-write.

int bufSize

Maximum text length in bytes - Read-only.

bool bufDirty

Set if you modify Buf/BufTextLen - Write.

int cursorPos


int selectionStart

Read-write (== to SelectionEnd when no selection)

int selectionEnd