Defined in carb/crashreporter/CrashReporterUtils.h

inline void carb::crashreporter::registerCrashReporterForClient()

Registers the crash reporter for this process and sets it up.


This installs the crash reporter in the calling process. This will include installing the crash handler hook and setting up its state according to the current values in the /crashreporter/ branch of the settings registry. If the ISettings interface is not available, the crash reporter will only use its default settings and many features will be disabled. In this case the disabled features will include monitoring for changes to the various /crashreporter/ settings, specifying metadata to include in crash reports, and controlling how and where the crash dump files are written out.

Thread Safety

This operation is not thread safe. It is the caller’s responsibility to ensure this is only called from a single thread at any given time. However, this will be automatically called during Carbonite framework startup (in carb::startupFramework()) and does not necessarily need to be called directly.


When the process is shutting down, the crash reporter should be disabled by calling carb::crashreporter::deregisterCrashReporterForClient(). It is the host app’s responsibility to properly disable the crash reporter before the plugin is unloaded.


No return value.