Defined in carb/profiler/Profile.h

CARB_PROFILE_FLOW_BEGIN(maskOrChannel, id, name, ...)

Records the beginning of a flow event on the timeline at the current time for the current thread.

Flow events draw an arrow from one point (the BEGIN location) to another point (the END location). These two points can be in different threads but must have a matching id field. The id field is meant to be unique across profiler runs, but may be reused as long as the name field matches across all BEGIN events and events occur on the global timeline as BEGIN followed by END.

This macro will automatically insert an instant event on the current thread’s timeline.

  • maskOrChannel – The event mask (see carb::profiler::setCaptureMask()) or a profiling channel.

  • id – A unique identifier that must also be passed to CARB_PROFILE_FLOW_END().

  • name – The name of the event. This must either be a literal string or a printf-style format string with variadic arguments. Literal strings are far more efficient.

  • ... – Optional printf-style variadic arguments corresponding to format specifiers in name.