Defined in carb/settings/SettingsUtils.h

inline std::string carb::settings::getStringFromItemValue(const ISettings *settings, const char *path, const std::string &defaultValue = "")

Retrieves a std::string from a setting key for simplicity.

Typically to retrieve a string value from carb::dictionary::Item, ISettings::createStringBufferFromItemValue() must be called, but this means that ISettings::destroyStringBuffer() must be called when finished. This function instead returns a std::string.

See also

ISettings::createStringBufferFromItemValue(), getStringFromItemValueAt().

  • settings – The acquired ISettings interface.

  • path – The setting key path to retrieve.

  • defaultValue – The value that is returned if path is not a valid path.


A std::string representation of the item value.