Defined in carb/crashreporter/ICrashReporter.h

using carb::crashreporter::OnCrashSentFn = void (*)(CrashSentResult crashSentResult, const CrashSentInfo *infoData, size_t infoDataCount, void *userData)

Prototype for a callback function that is performed any time a dump is successfully uploaded.


This callback is performed every time a crash dump file upload completes. This will be called whether the upload is successful or not. This will not however be called if crash dump uploads are disabled (ie: the /crashreporter/devOnlyOverridePrivacyAndForceUpload setting is false and the user has not provided ‘performance’ consent) or the file that an upload was requested for was missing some required metadata (ie: the /crashreporter/product and /crashreporter/version settings). In both those cases, no upload attempt will be made.


The following key/value pair is defined for this callback when using the carb.crashreporter-breakpad.plugin implementation:

  • ”response”: A string containing the HTTP server’s response to the upload attempt. If this string needs to persist, it must be copied by the callee.

Thread Safety

Calls to this callback will be serialized. It is however the callee’s responsibility to safely access any additional objects including the userData object and any global resources.

Param crashSentResult

[in] The result code of the upload operation. Currently this only indicates whether the upload was successful or failed. Further information about the upload operation can be found in the infoData array.

Param infoData

[in] An array of zero or more key/value pairs containing additional information for the upload operation. On failure, this may include the status code or status message from the server. On success, this may include a unique fingerprint for the crash dump that was uploaded. This array will contain exactly infoDataCount items.

Param infoDataCount

[in] The total number of items in the infoData array.

Param userData

[in] The opaque caller specified data object that was provided when this callback was originally registered. It is the callee’s responsibility to know how to successfully make use of this value.


No return value.