Defined in carb/filesystem/FindFiles.h

inline bool carb::filesystem::findFiles(const FindFilesArgs &args)

Finds files in a given list of search paths matching a given list of patterns.

See FindFilesArgs for argument documentation.

The search can be incredibly expensive: O(searchPathsCount^(<files>^(ignorePrefixesCount^(matchWildcardsCount + excludeWildcardsCount))))

The following Python-ish pseudo-code gives you an idea of the algorithm used:

foreach path in searchPaths:
 path = substituteEnvVars(path)
 foreach file in path:
  if eContinue == onFilterNonCanonical(file):
   foreach prefix in ["", ignorePrefixes]:
    stripped = prefix[len(prefix):]
    matched = False
    if isMatch(stripped, matchWildcards): # loops over each wildcard pattern
     if isMatch(stripped, excludeWildcards): # loops over each wildcard pattern
      return # any match of an exclusion pattern immediately excludes the file
      matched = True
   if matched:
     return onMatched(canonical)


args – The arguments as a structure


true if the filesystem was searched; false otherwise.