Defined in carb/PluginCoreUtils.h

void carbGetPluginDeps(struct carb::InterfaceDesc **deps, size_t *count)

An automatically-generated function exported by some Carbonite plugins.

If neither of the above macros are used, this function is not generated for the plugin. The Framework considers this function optional.

The type of this function is carb::GetPluginDepsFn and named kCarbGetPluginDepsFnName.


This function is automatically generated in plugins by the CARB_PLUGIN_IMPL_DEPS or CARB_PLUGIN_IMPL_NO_DEPS macros. It is called by the Framework when registering a plugin in order to determine dependencies for the plugin. This serves as documentation of the generated function only.

  • deps – Assigned to static memory inside the plugin that is the array of interfaces the plugin is dependent on. May be nullptr if there are no dependencies (in this case count must be 0).

  • count – Assigned to the number of items in the array of interfaces the plugin is dependent on.