Defined in omni/core/ITypeFactory.h

template<typename T>
inline Result omni::core::getInterfaceDefaults(TypeId *implId, std::string *moduleName, uint32_t *implVersion)

Given an interface id (i.e. T), returns the preferred implementation (if any) instantiated when calling omni::core::ITypeFactory::createType(), the preferred module (if any) searched when calling omni::core::ITypeFactory::createType(), and the preferred implementation version number (if any) required when calling omni::core::ITypeFactory::createType().

Unlike the ABI method, this method returns kResultTryAgain if another thread is actively changing the interface defaults. This method internally retries multiple times to get the defaults, but will eventually give up with kResultTryAgain.

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Unlike the ABI method, kResultInsufficientBuffer is never returned.