Defined in carb/container/RobinHoodImpl.h

template<size_t LoadFactorMax100_1, size_t LoadFactorMax100_2, class Key, class ValueType, class KeyFromValue, class Hasher1, class Hasher2, class Equals>
bool carb::container::detail::operator!=(const RobinHood<LoadFactorMax100_1, Key, ValueType, KeyFromValue, Hasher1, Equals> &lhs, const RobinHood<LoadFactorMax100_2, Key, ValueType, KeyFromValue, Hasher2, Equals> &rhs)

Inequality operator.

Checks for inequality between two containers.

  • lhs – The first container.

  • rhs – The second container.


true if the containers are not equal, that is, the second container is not a permutation of the first.