Defined in omni/structuredlog/JsonTreeSerializer.h

template<bool validate = false, typename T, typename JsonSerializerType = JsonSerializer<false, false, ignoreJsonTreeSerializerValidationError>, typename JsonNodeType = JsonNode, typename BlobReaderType = BlobReader<false, ignoreJsonTreeSerializerValidationError>>
static inline bool omni::structuredlog::serializeArray(JsonSerializerType *serial, const JsonNodeType *root, const T *constVal, BlobReaderType *reader)

Serialize an array type from a JSON tree.

  • serial[inout] The JSON serializer to serialize the data into.

  • root[in] The node in the schema that represents this scalar value.

  • constVal[in] The constant array value from the data union of root. This is only read if root is marked as constant; in that case, this is of length root->len.

  • reader[inout] The blob reader, which will be read if root is not marked as constant.


true if no validation error occurred.


false if any form of validation error occurred.