Defined in carb/dictionary/DictionaryUtils.h

inline void carb::dictionary::unsubscribeTreeFromAllEvents(IDictionary *dict, Item *item)

Unsubscribes all items in a dictionary tree from change notifications.


This removes all change notification subscriptions for an entire tree in a dictionary. This should only be used as a last cleanup effort to prevent potential shutdown crashes since it will even remove subscriptions that the caller didn’t necessarily setup.

Thread Safety

This operation is thread safe.

  • dict[in] The IDictionary interface to use when walking the dictionary. This must not be nullptr. This must be the same IDictionary interface that was used to create the dictionary item item.

  • item[in] The dictionary item to unsubscribe all nodes from change notifications. This must not be nullptr. Each item in this dictionary’s tree will have all of its tree and node change subscriptions removed.


No return value.