Defined in carb/assert/AssertUtils.h

inline bool carb::assert::useBreakpoint(bool enabled)

Sets whether the software breakpoint for a failed assertion should be triggered.


This sets whether the software breakpoint for failed assertions should be triggered. This can be used to allow failed assertions to just continue execution instead of hitting the software breakpoint. The assertion failure message is always still written to the log destinations. This is useful for checking whether certain ‘safe’ assertions failed during execution - allow them to continue execution as normal, then periodically check the assertion failure count with getFailureCount(). Note that this still won’t prevent a crash after a ‘fatal’ assertion fails.


enabled[in] Set to true to trigger the software breakpoint when an assertion fails. Set to false to skip over the software breakpoint and just continue execution when an assertion fails. The default behavior is to always trigger the software breakpoint unless it is overridden by user input on the assertion dialog (if enabled).


The previous value of the useBreakpoint flag, in other words: true if breakpoints were previously enabled; false if breakpoints were previously disabled.