Defined in omni/core/ModuleExports.h

omni::core::Result omniModuleGetExports(omni::core::ModuleExports *out)

Main entry point into a module. Returns the list of capabilities and requirements for the module.

This is the first function called in a module by omni::core::ITypeFactory. Information is passed between the module and the omni::core::ITypeFactory via omni::core::ModuleExports.

omni::core::ModuleExports is an ABI-safe table used to store the module’s requirements. For example, the module may require that the Carbonite carb::Framework is present.

This table is also used to communicate capabilities of the module. For example, the module is able to denote which logging channels it wishes to register.

See Omniverse Native Interfaces for more details on how this function is used.