Defined in carb/extras/Errors.h

inline std::string carb::extras::convertWinApiErrorCodeToMessage(WinApiErrorType errorCode)

(Windows only) Converts a Win32 API error code into a human-readable string.

This function translates a Win32 API error code into a human-readable string using the FormatMessageA function.


In some cases, the returned string may have UTF-8 encoding or format specifiers. Use caution when printing this string. For instance, ERROR_BAD_EXE_FORMAT contains "%1".


This function does not make any guarantees about the current value of GetLastError() or attempts to keep GetLastError() set at the same value; GetLastError() may be modified by this function.


errorCode – the code of the Win API error


a human-readable message based on the error code; an errorCode of 0 produces an empty string