Defined in carb/crashreporter/CrashReporterUtils.h

inline const char *carb::crashreporter::getCrashMetadataValue(const char *keyName)

Retrieves the value of a crash metadata value (if defined).


keyName[in] The name of the metadata key to retrieve the value for. This must only contain printable ASCII characters except for a double quote (‘”’), slash (‘/’), or whitespace. These rules get the key to a format that can be accepted by the settings registry. Note that further sanitization on the key name may also occur later. Any character that is not suitable for a database key name will be replaced by an underscore (‘_’). It is the caller’s responsibility to ensure the key name will not be overwriting another system’s metadata value. One way to do this is to prefix the key name with the name of the extension or plugin (sanitized to follow the above formatting rules).


The value of the requested crash metadata if it is defined. Returns nullptr if the requested metadata value has not been defined. This will not modify any existing crash metadata keys or values.