Defined in carb/PluginCoreUtils.h

void carbOnPluginRegisterEx2(carb::PluginFrameworkDesc *frameworkDesc, carb::PluginRegistryEntry2 *outEntry)

An automatically-generated function exported by some Carbonite plugins.

The type of this function is carb::OnPluginRegisterEx2Fn and named kCarbOnPluginRegisterEx2FnName.

This function is generated for all plugins built against Carbonite v111.17 and later. Prior Carbonite releases with Framework version 0.5 will use the carbOnPluginRegisterEx function, whereas Carbonite releases v111.17 and later will use this function to register a plugin.


This function is automatically generated in plugins by the CARB_PLUGIN_IMPL macro. It is called by the Framework when registering a plugin. This serves as documentation of this function only.


Older versions of this function exist in older plugins. This is the most current registration function as of Framework version 0.5 and intended to be “future proof” for future Framework versions. The Framework will look for and call the first available function from the following list: carbOnPluginRegisterEx2 (this function), carbOnPluginRegisterEx, carbOnPluginRegister.

  • frameworkDesc – A description of the Framework provided by the Framework when it calls this function.

  • outEntry – The plugin will populate this structure to inform the Framework about itself.