Defined in carb/Framework.h

void carb::quickReleaseFrameworkAndTerminate(int exitCode)

Releases the Carbonite framework immediately and exits the process, without running C/C++ atexit() registered functions or static destructors.

This function performs the following sequence:

  1. Calls any exported carbOnPluginQuickShutdown on all loaded plugins, if the framework is acquired. No plugins are unloaded, unregistered, nor have their interfaces destroyed.

  2. Calls any registered Framework release hooks (see carb::Framework::addReleaseHook) in reverse order of registration, if the framework is acquired.

  3. Flushes stdout/stderr.

  4. Calls TerminateProcess() on Windows or _exit() on Linux and MacOS.

Thread Safety

May be called from any thread.


This function does not return.


This function must not be called from within a DLL, shared object, or plugin.


exitCode – The exit code that the process will exit with.