Defined in carb/launcher/LauncherUtils.h

using carb::launcher::AddSettingPredicateFn = bool (*)(const char *path, void *context)

Prototype for a callback function used to check if a setting should be added.


Prototype for a callback predicate function that is used to allow the caller to determine if a particular setting value should be added to the argument collector. This is called for each value setting (ie: for int, bool, float and string items). The return value gives the caller an opportunity to provide more fine grained control over which settings are added to the argument collector than just the full tree.

Param path

[in] The full path to the setting being queried. This will never be nullptr.

Param context

[in] A caller specified context value that is passed to the callback.


true if the setting should be added to the argument collector. Returns false if the setting should not be added to the argument collector.