Defined in carb/crashreporter/ICrashReporter.h

struct MetadataValueCallback

Descriptor of a single metadata callback function.

This describes which type of callback is being contained and the pointer to the function to call.

Public Members

MetadataValueType type

The type of the callback.

This indicates which of the callbacks in the fn union below will be called to retrieve the value.

OnGetMetadataIntegerFn getInteger

Callback returning a signed 64-bit integer.

OnGetMetadataUIntegerFn getUInteger

Callback returning an unsigned 64-bit integer.

OnGetMetadataFloatFn getFloat

Callback returning a 64-bit floating point value.

OnGetMetadataStringFn getString

Callback returning an arbitrary length string.

OnGetMetadataWideStringFn getWString

Callback returning an arbitrary length wide string.

OnGetMetadataFileBlobFn getFileBlob

Callback returning a blob to be written to file.

union carb::crashreporter::MetadataValueCallback::[anonymous] fn

A union containing the different types of function pointers for this callback.

Exactly one of these will be chosen based on type.