Defined in carb/settings/SettingsUtils.h

inline void carb::settings::saveFileFromSettings(const ISettings *settings, dictionary::ISerializer *serializer, const char *path, const char *filename, dictionary::SerializerOptions serializerOptions)

A helper function to save settings to a file.

  • settings – The acquired ISettings interface.

  • serializer – The dictionary::ISerializer interface to use. The serializer should match the desired output file format. I.e. if a json file is desired, the dictionary::ISerializer from carb.dictionary.serializer-json.plugin should be used.

  • path – The settings path to save. An empty string or “/” is considered the root of the settings tree.

  • filename – The filename to write settings into. This file will be overwritten.

  • serializerOptions – Options that will be passed to serializer.