Defined in omni/structuredlog/StructuredLogSettingsUtils.h

constexpr const char *omni::structuredlog::kDefaultLogNameSetting = "/structuredLog/defaultLogName"

The default log name to use.

If a default log name is set, all events that do not use the fEventFlagUseLocalLog flag will write their messages to this log file. Events that do use the fEventFlagUseLocalLog flag will write only to their schema’s log file. This value must be only the log file’s name, not including its path. The logs will always be created in the structured logging system’s current log output path. As a special case, this may also be set to either “/dev/stdout” or “/dev/stderr” (on all platforms) to output all events directly to stdout or stderr respectively. When one of these log names are used, all events will be unconditionally written to stdout/stderr regardless of their event or schema flags. There will also be no log header written out when events are being sent to stdout or stderr. This defaults to an empty string.