Defined in carb/launcher/ILauncher.h

constexpr LauncherFlags carb::launcher::fLaunchFlagByteMode = 0x00000000

Flag to indicate that reading from the stdout or stderr streams of the child process should be handled as a byte stream.

Data will be delivered to the stream callback as soon as it is available. The delivered bytes may only be a small portion of a complete message sent from the child process. At least one byte will be sent when in this mode. This is the default mode for all child processes. This flag may not be combined with fLaunchFlagMessageMode. When using this read mode, it is the callback’s responsibility to process the incoming data and wait for any delimiters to arrive as is necessary for the task. The message mode may not be changed after the child process has been launched.


[Windows] This mode is the only mode that is currently supported on Windows. This may be fixed in a future version of the interface.