Defined in omni/structuredlog/IStructuredLog.h

constexpr const char *omni::structuredlog::kStructuredLogPluginName = "omni.structuredlog.plugin"

The expected base name for the structured log plugin.

This isn’t strictly necessary unless the plugin needs to be explicitly loaded in standalone mode in an special manner. By default the plugin is expected to be present in the same directory as the main executable. If it is not in that location, it is the host app’s responsibility to load the plugin dynamically before attempting to call any structured log functions (even addModuleSchemas()). If the module is not loaded before making any calls, all calls will just silently fail and the structured log functionality will be in a disabled state.

The structured log plugin can be loading using carb::extras::loadLibrary(). Using the carb::extras::fLibFlagMakeFullLibName flag will be useful unless the name is being constructed manually using carb::extras::createLibraryNameForModule().