Defined in carb/tasking/TaskingHelpers.h

struct Any

Specifies an “any” grouping of RequiredObject(s).

All and Any objects can be nested as they are convertible to RequiredObject.


ANY RequiredObject given in the constructor that is or becomes signaled will cause the Any object to become signaled.

Public Functions

inline Any(std::initializer_list<RequiredObject> il)

Constructor that accepts an initializer_list of RequiredObject objects.


il – The initializer_list of RequiredObject objects.

template<class InputIt, std::enable_if_t<detail::IsForwardIter<InputIt, RequiredObject>::value, bool> = false>
inline Any(InputIt begin, InputIt end)

Constructor that accepts begin and end iterators that produce RequiredObject objects.

  • begin – The beginning iterator.

  • end – An off-the-end iterator just beyond the end of the list.

inline operator RequiredObject() const

Convertible to RequiredObject.