Defined in carb/simplegui/SimpleGuiTypes.h

enum class carb::simplegui::MouseCursor

Enumeration for GetMouseCursor() User code may request binding to display given cursor by calling SetMouseCursor(), which is why we have some cursors that are marked unused here.


enumerator eNone

No mouse cursor.

enumerator eArrow


enumerator eTextInput

When hovering over InputText, etc.

enumerator eResizeAll

Unused by simplegui functions.

enumerator eResizeNS

When hovering over an horizontal border.

enumerator eResizeEW

When hovering over a vertical border or a column.

enumerator eResizeNESW

When hovering over the bottom-left corner of a window.

enumerator eResizeNWSE

When hovering over the bottom-right corner of a window.

enumerator eHand

Unused by simplegui functions. Use for e.g. hyperlinks.

enumerator eNotAllowed

When hovering something with disallowed interaction. Usually a crossed circle.

enumerator eCount

Number of items.