Defined in omni/log/ILog.h

enum class omni::log::Level : int32_t

Severity of a message.


enumerator eVerbose

Verbose level, for detailed diagnostics messages.

Expect to see some verbose messages on every frame under certain conditions.

enumerator eInfo

Info level, this is for informational messages.

They are usually triggered on state changes and typically we should not see the same message on every frame.

enumerator eWarn

Warning level, this is for warning messages.

Something could be wrong but not necessarily an error. Therefore anything that could be a problem but cannot be determined to be an error should fall into this category. This is the default log level threshold, if nothing else was specified via configuration or startup arguments. This is also the reason why it has a value of 0 - the default is zero.

enumerator eError

Error level, this is for error messages.

An error has occurred but the program can continue.

enumerator eFatal

Fatal level, this is for messages on unrecoverable errors.

An error has occurred and the program cannot continue. After logging such a message the caller should take immediate action to exit the program or unload the module.

enumerator eDisabled

Internal flag used to disable logging.