Defined in carb/Defines.h

inline bool carb::assertHandlerFallback(const char *condition, const char *file, const char *func, int32_t line, const char *fmt = nullptr, ...)

Assertion handler helper function.

Do not call directly. Used by CARB_CHECK and CARB_ASSERT if the IAssert interface is not available (i.e. the Framework

is not instantiated). This function prints an “Assertion

failed” message to

stderr by default.

  • condition – The condition from an assert in progress.

  • file – The source file location from an assert in progress.

  • func – The source file function name from an assert in progress.

  • line – The source file line from an assert in progress.

  • fmt – A printf-style format specifier string for the assert in progress.

  • ... – Arguments corresponding to format specifiers in fmt.


true if the software breakpoint should be triggered; false if a software breakpoint should be skipped.