Defined in carb/dictionary/IDictionary.h

using carb::dictionary::OnNodeChangeEventFn = void (*)(const Item *changedItem, ChangeEventType eventType, void *userData)

A callback that, once registered with subscribeToNodeChangeEvents(), receives callbacks when Items change.


The callbacks happen in the context of the thread performing the change. It is safe to call back into the IDictionary and unsubscribe or otherwise make changes. For ChangeEventType::eCreated and ChangeEventType::eChanged types, no internal locks are held; for ChangeEventType::eDestroyed internal locks are held which can cause thread-synchronization issues with locking order.

Param changedItem

The Item that is changing

Param eventType

The event occurring on changedItem

Param userData

The user data given to IDictionary::subscribeToNodeChangeEvents()