Defined in omni/structuredlog/IStructuredLog.h

inline omni::structuredlog::IStructuredLog *omniGetStructuredLogWithoutAcquire()

Retrieves the module’s structured log object.

omni::core::IObject::acquire() is not called on the returned pointer.

The global omni::structuredlog::IStructuredLog instance can be configured by passing an omni::structuredlog::IStructuredLog to omniCoreStart(). If an instance is not provided, omniCoreStart() attempts to create one.


the calling module’s structured log object. The caller will not own a reference to the object. If the caller intends to store the object for an extended period, it must take a reference to it using either a call to acquire() or by borrowing it into an ObjectPtr<> object. This object must not be released by the caller unless a reference to it is explicitly taken.