Defined in carb/extras/Options.h

inline bool carb::options::parseOptions(const Option *supportedArgs, int argc, char **argv, Options *args)


Parses a set of options from an argument vector.

  • supportedArgs[in] The table of options that will be used to parse the program arguments. This table must be terminated by an empty entry in the list (ie: all values nullptr or 0). This may not be nullptr.

  • argc[in] The argument count for the program. This must be at least 1.

  • argv[in] The vector of arguments to e be parsed. This must not be nullptr.

  • args[out] Receives the parsed option state. It is the caller’s responsibility to ensure this is appropriately initialized before calling. This object must inherit from the Options class.


true if all arguments are successfully parsed.


false if an option fails to be parsed.