Defined in carb/launcher/ILauncher.h

constexpr LauncherFlags carb::launcher::fLaunchFlagKillOnParentExit = 0x00000002

Flag to indicate that the new child process should be killed when the calling parent process exits.

If this flag is not present, the child process will only exit when it naturally exits on its own or is explicitly killed by another process. If this flag is present, if the parent process exits in any way (ie: ends naturally, crashes, is killed, etc), the child process will also be killed. Note that the child process will be killed without warning or any chance to clean up. Any state in the child process that was not already saved to persistent storage will be lost. Also, if the child process is in the middle of modifying persistent storage when it is killed, that resource may be left in an undefined state.


This flag is not supported on Mac. It will be ignored if used on Mac and the child process(es) must be manually terminated by the parent process if necessary.